Sometimes I catch myself being an advice-giving machine…especially when it comes to fitness, a topic I love and can talk about all day! It’s easy for me to start spouting off tips and suggestions as soon as someone asks a question about their workouts or nutrition. And, it’s just human nature – when you have a good heart (and credentials!), you want to help others by offering them advice that could make their lives easier. Also, we’ve been programmed to feel rewarded when we have the “right” answers.

However, the best coaches don’t give you all the answers. They ask you all the questions to help you discover those answers for yourself. Everything you need to be successful is already inside you, and it’s the coach’s job to guide you to those answers by asking questions on your questions. It might be super frustrating but it works!

I’ve been leading a lot of calls lately with my ‘Find Your Fit’ online coaching program. More calls mean more clients asking questions. With each call, I’m constantly put in a position to have to pause, actively listen before speaking and then ask questions on questions. I feverishly take notes on each call and then form those answers – the ones my clients provided – into personalized fitness programs. Throughout over 7 years coaching experience, this is the most effective method I’ve seen in clients adhering to their programs. Honestly, there’s no better feeling than writing a program you know your clients will enjoy because they had such a huge role in its creation.

Regina, as you’re working through this phase of your fitness journey and planning for the next, consider these questions –

* When do you feel your best?

* What kind of workouts/exercise do you enjoy?

* How much time will you devote to your workouts each week? Your meal prep?

* What are your personal nutrition principles?

* How much sleep do you need each night to wake up feeling refreshed?

* How can you build more activity into your day outside the gym?

* What does self-care look like for you?

* What signals (aches, pains, thoughts, sensations…) are you ignoring and what is your body trying to tell you?

Tune in to self.

Everything you need to be successful is already inside you.