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Intentional Movement and Mindful Self-Care
Rooted in Joy and Connection.


Thank you for visiting my site! I started personal training in 2011 and in working with women of all fitness levels, I realized the importance of one simple truth – health is more than dieting and exercising. Through the years, my personal training company evolved into a lifestyle coaching platform, helping women become more productive, stronger and curious and excited about just how good their bodies were designed to feel!

In 2017, I started taking Yoga classes as a complement to my own weight training routine. The physical practice lured me to the mat, but the Yogic lifestyle kept me coming back as both a student and a teacher. I believe that Yoga is the synergy of mind, body and breath. It goes beyond the physical practice to a way of being that cultivates awareness, space and freedom of movement and existence. I am known for my non-judgmental, playful and athletically-inspired teaching and compassion-centered best practices for self-care.

Today, my coaching is a blend of mindful movement, mindset tools and lots of best practices for self-care. I’m glad you’re here and I’m excited to share this journey with you!

“When you get the inside right, the outside falls into place.”

– Lao Tzu

Registered Yoga Teacher 200-hour yoga teacher training
Chair Yoga World Certification
About Trinity S Perkins


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