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Nutrition and exercise are only part of the equation. Reach your fitness goals with a whole-body approach that focuses on mindfulness, self-care and establishing best practices in all areas of your life.

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Thank you for visiting my site! I started personal training in 2011 and in working with women of all fitness levels and backgrounds, I began taking a closer look at my own fitness. When I needed help, all the advice was for strict diets and more exercise but the more I trained, the more I realized that accomplishing anything external started with conquering the internal first. That inside work, “deep work” as I like to call it, helped me refocus on healing my body and improving my health by creating healthy habits I could stick with long term. My personal training company evolved into a lifestyle coaching business for women, helping them approach their health and fitness goals from the inside out to become more productive, stronger and to take responsibility for their success – in and outside the gym! I’m glad you’re here and I’m excited to share the best practices I’ve learned on my journey; it’s still a work in progress!

“When you get the inside right, the outside falls into place.” – Lao Tzu

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