From the bed to the car, from the car to the office chair, from the office chair to the car, from the car to the couch and from the couch to your bed. And don’t get me started on the traffic while you’re in the car…whew! Sadly, this is how too many of us are spending our days, and our bodies are paying for it, mentally and physically.

Our bodies are made to move!

If you’re feeling a little stiff and want to break the monotony of all that sitting, check out my 11-minute stretching routine on my YouTube channel. This routine is a mix of my favorite, most effective stretches to help you feel brand new from head to toe.

BTW, I have a love-hate relationship with the word “stretch” because it often implies this forceful tugging of muscles that are already sore or tight. That said, as you work through these stretches (or poses, for my fellow Yogis), try to find the ease with every movement. It takes a great deal of strength to know when you need to pull back. Relax, notice where in your body you feel your breath – if you don’t feel it, that’s a sign you’ve gone too far – and remember that flexibility isn’t the only goal of this routine.

The stretches –

  1. ​Cat Cow – move with your natural breath
  2. Reclined figure 4 – you can do this with your foot against the wall for a deeper stretch in your hips
  3. Neck stretches – 5 variations, take this slow and avoid full-circle neck movements if you have neck problems
  4. Calf stretch with side twist – really press your toes to the mat for a stretch from your calf to your Achilles
  5. Quad stretches – 2 variations
  6. Seated spinal twist – keep your spine “long” like a string is pulling your head toward the ceiling
  7. Cross-body hug
  8. Supine twist – arm variations + leg variations
  9. Lying hamstring stretch – keep your upper body as relaxed as possible, use a stretch strap or neck tie if you need assistance
  10. Seated forward fold – ease into this and keep your spine “long” (no rounded shoulders)

BONUS – Restorative Legs Up the Wall pose to mimic sleep and get all the benefits in a matter of minutes.

Roll out your mat and show your body some love!