health educator, corporate yoga instructor

Trin Perkins, M.S.Ed

I’m a health educator and corporate yoga instructor with over 10 years’ experience in the wellness space. In 2018 I got curious about what it truly means to be well and how I could help myself and my clients go beyond the temporary stress relief of a good workout to a deeper connection to self. That curiosity brought me to my first 200-hour yoga teacher training, which opened my eyes to mindfulness, breath work, mindful movement, self and community care. During my first 200-hour yoga training, I completed my observation hours by taking a bilingual French-English class in Montreal, Canada, a heated power yoga class in Brooklyn, NYC, a hatha vinyasa class in New Orleans, Louisiana and an Ashtanga class near my hometown in Washington, D.C. More than 400 hours of continuing education later, I’ve barely scratched the surface on learning all that yoga has to offer.

My personal wellness journey, my past struggles with burnout, my experience in health education and my passion for yoga impacts how I work and how I help others integrate wellness as a core objective in their personal and professional lives.

I’m passionate about employee wellness because I believe that our physical health and mental well-being should not take a backseat to the demands of our jobs.

Companies thrive when they create a culture of care and regularly assess employee wellbeing. I work with busy professionals who are seeking work-life balance, stress management and relief from the discomfort of sitting behind a computer. I help companies that want to prioritize wellness as a core objective and integrate mindfulness into their corporate strategy and employee benefits package. I earned a M.S. in Health Education from Kaplan University and my yoga studies and certifications include anatomy, chair Yoga, yin yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

I customize my offerings to address the unique concerns of busy professionals and companies by:

  • Promoting mental health education at work
  • Teaching mindfulness and breathwork to help downregulate the nervous system
  • Demonstrating gentle yoga postures and stretches that can be done in/with a chair
  • Assessing employee health data and making recommendations

Now more than ever, employees are asking for wellness to be a core focus of their benefits package and to have access to hybrid resources for mental health. I customize my offerings based on the company’s needs as a partner in their efforts to improve employee wellness. I’m best known for my non-judgmental, playful and accessible teaching style and compassion-centered best practices for self-care.

I earned a B.A. in Communications from Old Dominion University, a M.S. in Health Education from Kaplan University and I’ve completed over 400 hours of yoga teacher training from Honest Soul Yoga, Yoga and Ayurveda School, and The LYT Method. When I’m not studying or teaching, you can find me lifting weights in the gym, curled up with a good book and a frothy latte or somewhere out enjoying nature.

Thank you for being here!

Registered Yoga Teacher 200-hour yoga teacher training
Chair Yoga World Certification