The Early Days

My start to fitness began before I even had a say! My mom taught step aerobic classes and from as early as I can remember, most of my evenings were spent in a gym. I remember watching those women sweat, cheer and step as my mom led them through complex routines. I’ll never forget that, even with her most crowded classes, she would make her rounds encouraging the women, one by one, to keep moving. No one got left behind in her classes and strangers left giving sweaty hugs to new friends. I knew fitness was a good thing. Fast forward to college and I was a gym rat! I was everybody’s unofficial “personal trainer” on campus. It’s funny looking back because I didn’t consider personal training as a career choice until long after I graduated.

Trin Perkins in Competition

My Figure Competition Days

I started competing in 2009 at the suggestion of a good friend and training buddy. My first experience competing was like many of the horror stories you may have read online. Working out until exhaustion twice a day, eating the same foods for every meal and taking a lot of supplements. My self-esteem and body image took a huge hit during those years.  I was still competing in 2014 and under a new coach, I thought that prep was healthier by comparison. I dieted for 25 weeks for that final show. 25 weeks of eating perfectly measured chicken, tilapia, broccoli, asparagus, oatmeal and eggs on rotation. 25 weeks of hard training 6 days a week and waving bye-bye to my social life. Even though I won my class, I ate an entire carrot cake backstage and over the next several months, I gradually gained back fat in place of the muscle I lost during my prep.

I didn’t compete again after that and I spent many years working to reestablish my relationship with food, workouts and the concept of rest. I don’t regret the years I competed. There were so many moments of camaraderie with fellow competitors in the gym and backstage, admiration for what my body could do when challenged and of course, celebrations when I won. However, the cons outweighed the pros and much of that admiration and celebration was temporary. I embraced every struggle to find my own balanced routine, and used what I learned on my personal journey to become a more effective and empathetic coach and mentor in my training business.

My Training Business

I started personal training in 2011. I loved training and I was so busy that I was constantly turning down daytime clients because I had a full-time corporate job, too. A year later, I decided I wanted to train full-time. A close friend introduced me to a studio owner who I would go on to rent from and run my personal training business for 5 years! During those 5 years of full-time training, I gained a deeper appreciation for just how unique our bodies are and how important it is to meet each client where she is to equip her with the tools to commit to making fitness a lifestyle. The rigidity I grew accustomed to during my competition days had no place in my trainer-client relationship.

Today, I write and teach on a variety of health topics for women. My specialities include strength training, mindful movement, Yoga and nutrition.

Trin Perkins with Clients
Trin Perkins in Yoga Pose

My Yoga Practice

I vaguely remember stretching between workouts during my earlier training years but I didn’t prioritize mobility and flexibility until recently. I started practicing Yoga in 2017 as a way to complement my own weight training routine in a way that felt like exercise but was easier on my joints. I found Yoga to be the perfect “active recovery, and over time, it was the mental and spiritual components that kept me coming back to the mat as both a student and a teacher. I earned my 200-hour teaching credential in 2018 and I’ve been practicing daily ever since. I believe that Yoga is the synergy of mind, body and breath. It goes beyond the physical practice to a way of being that cultivates awareness, space and freedom of movement and existence. I’m known for my non-judgmental, playful and athletically-inspired teaching style and compassion-centered best practices for self-care.

Fun Facts!

  1. My little dog, Ace, has been my favorite walking buddy for the past 10 years! Walking is a staple in my self-care routine.
  2. I do my best work in busy coffee shops – oddly enough, the background noise and constant buzz of people keeps me focused and productive. I look forward to the days when we can share space with strangers again.
  3. I just learned how to hula hoop at the young age of 33!
  4. Beginning in April 2017, I lived with my 90-year-old grandfather as his primary caregiver. He had dementia so every day was an adjustment for us both, but it was a blessing to care for him. That was the most transformative year of my life.
  5. I could eat scrambled eggs for every meal.
  6. I make soy candles and whipped body butters for myself and my family. This is such a soothing hobby because you can’t rush the process.