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Inspiration for Your Journey

30-Day Yoga Challenge – 10 With Trin! Thank you for your interest in the '10 With Trin Yoga Challenge!" If there is one thing I wish for you in 2022, it's more movement and mindfulness in your daily routine. I'm a firm believer [...]

My Top 7 WFH (work from home) Tips

Here we are 20+ months into this WFH are you holding up? For me, the days range from a busy blend of meetings to numbing silence as I plow through my inbox. Overall, I've [...]

A lesson in slowing down

Ugh, at this point in the healing process I’m not sure which is worse – the injury or the crutches. I’ll spare you the gory details of my accident and sum it up to say [...]

My journey to talk therapy

For some, the quarantine lockdown was a time to take up a new hobby, remodel their home, finish lingering projects, finally write that book or start that podcast and for some, 2020 was simply about [...]

65 Little Ways to Practice Self-Care

Ah, I love a good list post, especially of things to add to my self-care routine. Prioritizing my mental and physical well-being was non-negotiable in 2020 as the tedium and anxiety of quarantine set in [...]

Minimalism Meets Marie Kondo

I’m on a mission to know every single item in my house…from every sock to every piece of paper to every spoon and book, etc. No clutter, no mess and no “extra” anything. It’s my [...]

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