Corporate Yoga

Build a Happier and Healthier Workforce

Corporate Yoga

Start a meeting with a grounding practice, treat new staff to a moment of mindfulness during their onboarding, break the monotony of meetings with chair yoga, offer regularly scheduled classes for staff to disconnect from work and reconnect to themselves.

I teach chair yoga and gentle mat-based yoga classes with a focus on providing relief for muscles that are tense from sitting behind a computer all day. My classes combine the foundations of traditional yoga postures with mobility, stretching, mindfulness and breathing techniques for a whole-body experience.

Public Yoga Classes

Feel Energized
and Grounded

Public Yoga Classes

I teach 2 styles of all-levels yoga classes taught each week through my virtual studio practice, Yoga with Trin.

Gentle Yoga is taught at a slower pace with less intense postures that are held for longer periods. Gentle Yoga is a total body experience that will help you feel calm and grounded.

Flow & Restore combines breath with movement in a continuous sequence of postures, and ends with restorative stretching with props (pillows, blankets, straps, etc.) for support. Flow & Restore is a total body experience that will awaken your senses and help you feel relaxed.

“What a concept, ten minutes a day for yourself! While I couldn’t catch every video, it was motivating to know I could log into Trin’s library at any time. The flows were restorative, with just the right balance to sneak in core conditioning. I was able to follow Trin’s voice to the point I rarely needed the video, which is a true gift.”

– Ken M., 30-Day Yoga Challenge Participant

“I first took Trin’s class as part of an alumni engagement event. I found her to be very engaging and knowledgeable, even giving adaptions for those with differing skill levels. She also gives little nuggets for contemplation during our times together. I remember her saying at one point that January 1st is just an arbitrary date; we can choose to do something different at any given time. That statement truly resonated with me. I’ve completed a 30-day challenge with her and will be signing up for more sessions. Sometimes I need a midday reset and other times I need to shake off the remains of the day and what she’s been teaching has worked wonders for both. Whether you’re new or returning to yoga, you won’t regret choosing Trin for your practice!”

– Michele M.

“I’ve worked with Trin for over a year to provide virtual yoga sessions for our Alumni Association. The classes are for all levels and we’ve had several beginners who keep coming back for more! Even in the virtual world, Trin creates a safe and calming space for people to move their bodies and be connected. We always look forward to her classes and know we are in for 60 minutes of the self-care and community that we have been craving during these trying months. Trin’s professionalism and knowledge cannot be beat and we are so lucky to have her on our screens!”

– Katie E., Corporate Yoga

“I’ve enjoyed adding this practice to my life and routine. It truly is what you make it. Clear your mind, create space, flow and release. I like to incorporate my prayer time sometimes during the session. Trin, you are amazing at what you do!! Your voice, guidance and encouragement at the perfect time were always welcomed and appreciated.”

– Sherri W.

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