Corporate yoga is a branch of corporate wellness that teaches traditional yoga postures, gentle stretches, guided mediation, breathwork and other mindfulness techniques to the employees of a company, in person or online.

Virtual sessions are still popular for hybrid work meetings, but some companies have begun offering these classes in person in the office meeting space, conference rooms or common areas.

The primary goal of corporate yoga is to enhance the wellbeing (stress reduction, pain relief, etc.) of employees; but the cost-saving benefits of employee-related expenses are enticing to companies as well.

Why Is Corporate Yoga So Popular?

The pandemic shined a spotlight on employee health and amplified conversations about workplace wellness in ways that business owners weren’t required to talk about when the lines between home and work were less blurred.

Employee mental health is a global workforce crisis exacerbated by the pandemic.

Today, employees are asking more of the places they work – they’re asking to be seen as 100% human at work and they’re requiring that employers treat them as a whole person, including their mental and physical health.

There are some for whom WFH is more appealing now than earlier in the pandemic as companies have:

  •  Offered stipends for home office equipment
  • Adjusted culture to accommodate work-life balance
  • Established communication norms
  • and (in some cases), cut down on the number of weekly meetings

Also, WFH is much easier for those with children who are back in the classroom. The key will be for companies to find the balance and offer support to staff long-term.

Corporate yoga can help.

What Does the Data Say?

Oracle partnered with research firm Workplace Intelligence to survey more than 12,000 employees, managers, HR leaders and C-level executives across 11 countries and found:

  • 75% of employees believe their company should be doing more to protect the mental health of their workforce.
  • 78% of people surveyed said the pandemic negatively impacted their mental health.
  • 35% said they’ve been putting in more hours during WFH – up to 10 more hours a week or 40 extra hours every month.

The Benefits of Corporate Yoga

Company Benefits

  • Lowered stress-related health care costs
  • Fewer missed days of work due to overwhelm and burnout
  • Fewer disability claims
  • A more harmonious workplace
  • Improved morale, which is especially important in a virtual or hybrid setting when teams may feel siloed and disconnected
  • Better customer service
  • Higher retention and productivity

Employee Benefits

  • Improved concentration and decision-making skills
  • A sense of recognition and being valued by upper management
  • Relief from common ailments associated with prolonged periods of sitting and typing such as head, neck and back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, weakness in the hips and repetitive movement injuries, etc.
  • Improved mood and outlook on their work
  • Better team dynamic and camaraderie
  • Improved productivity and ability to think clearly
  • Efficient single-tasking to accomplish tasks without distraction
  • Reduction in personal expenses related to stress-related illness and injury
  • Fewer workplace conflicts

Yoga helps us to become aware of our self. Also, through yoga, we recognize how we feel and notice the effects of stress on our bodies. That way, we can take better care of ourselves.

In addition, yoga requires us to look outside ourselves to acknowledge and honor each other. The benefits of yoga will flow naturally from individual to workplace, team, workplace culture to benefit everyone. Although many people experience the calming effects of a single yoga practice, the benefits are best experienced over time; that’s why it’s called a practice.

Yoga is suitable for every body and each practice offers variety for people of all skills, making it an ideal choice for movement, mindfulness and wellness at the office.

As more people make their mental health a priority, they’re turning to the places they work to be an extension of their health and wellbeing. Consider adding corporate yoga to your employee benefits package and watch your entire organization thrive.

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