Here we are 20+ months into this WFH situation…how are you holding up? For me, the days range from a busy blend of meetings to numbing silence as I plow through my inbox. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed this time away from the hustle (and cost) of the office and commute, but I’ve recently had to revisit some of my best practices for making the most of this time.

If you could use a refresher, try some or all of my top tips below!

  1. Movement – add movement to your day, all day, even if you go to the gym. An hour workout can’t undo the stiffness that sitting all day can cause, especially to your neck and spine. Stand and stretch to give your nervous system a break from all of the screens and notifications. Move often, take it slow, keep it simple.
  2. Breaks – it’s easy to work the entire day when you’re already home and can log hours in the early morning and late at night. Set a schedule and stick with it. My work is flexible, so I typically split my days around the 8 hours when my mind is the sharpest but no matter what, I’m offline by 5:30pm.
  3. Eye care – I’m no medical authority on this subject and from what I’ve read, the jury is still out on their effectiveness, but I can tell you from personal experience over the past 2 years, that putting my laptop on night mode and wearing blue light glasses can make a big difference in headaches and eye strain. Try this! Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away from the screen for 20 seconds.
  4. Workspace – create a space that feels like an office (i.e. not the couch or bed). Try to find somewhere to sit upright and do your best to work from this space for the majority of the day. Getting out of bed and going to your “office” can help differentiate home from work and help you stay focused.
  5. Fuel – keep a water bottle within arms reach and do not skip lunch. Eat whole meals and you’ll avoid mindless snacking and that extra cup of coffee.
  6. Personal – our minds aren’t built to work for 8 consecutive hours. Break up the day by mixing in personal tasks on your own devices and around your home. One of favorite ways to sneak in a break is to turn chores into mindful moments. I implement that during my workdays – take a call, mop the kitchen floor, attend a meeting, do a load of laundry, answer 5 emails, wipe the countertops then…lunch!
  7. Self-care – When we first started working home, our office manager led a Zoom Town Hall about her best practices for working from home, similar to these tips. I remember being offended when she said, “Remember to take a shower and brush your teeth daily.” I thought, who does she think she is telling a group of grown folks how to take care of their bodies?! And then there was that day that I rolled out of bed and stayed in my jammies all day and didn’t wash my face…and that other time that I had to think hard, and I mean really hard, about whether I flossed my teeth that morning. WFH is comfy ya’ll, and I know I’m not alone in this! Take care of yourself and use this time to love on your physical body a little more.

Am I missing anything from this list? Comment below and I might add your suggestions, too!