How have your workouts been this past month? Have you tried the exercises I’ve been sharing on my YouTube channel? Have you increased your weights and ramped up your cardio intensity? What about adding some new stretches to your warm up and cool down routines?

This week’s YouTube video offers another example of how to include HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – into your training routine. Unlike some of my other videos where the circuit was part of my workout, this circuit was the workout. You’ll see why!

A 5-minute dynamic warm-up + 4 rounds of the HIIT Legs & Core workout

+ a 10-minute static cool-down.

*Dynamic warm-up – movement to warm up the muscles you’ll be working in the session

*Static cool-down – holding stretches for 30 seconds or more to help get your heart rate back down and release tension from your muscles

Here’s the breakdown –

  • Deep body weight squats
  • Alternating step-ups
  • (More) deep body weight squats
  • BOSU Hop Overs
  • Reverse Tabletop Toe Taps
  • High Plank BOSU Toe Taps

You’ll hear me say, “Fully engage your muscles” a lot in the video. That is so important and one of the quickest ways to take the pain and pressure from your joints, especially your knees – I see too many people training their joints and not their muscles, meaning they’re bending their knees first in a squat without pausing to squeeze (engage) their muscles first – the squeeze comes first, baby!



A few variations –

  • If you’re training at home or in a gym without a BOSU, you can use a step with risers, at different heights, for both the step-ups and high plank toe taps.
  • You can do the side-to-side squat jumps on the ground without the BOSU.
  • You can keep your butt on the ground and still reach your hand toward your opposite foot for the reverse tabletop toe taps.

Make it work for you!
Happy training!