You’ve been working really hard lately; it’s time for a relaxing movement break. This chair practice features gentle stretches for your wrists, triceps, hips and a little bit of everything in between. All you’ll need is a sturdy chair and 12 minutes to devote to your self. Enjoy!

Setting Up Your Chair:

  • Lock the wheels for safety
  • Fold the arms back so that you can move freely
  • Make sure your feet can rest firmly on the floor – if they can’t, you can step on blocks or textbooks without the slipcovers

Be Present:

  • Find a way to simply be in this moment
  • Take 3 deep breaths – inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth

Guidelines for Your Practice:

  • When your mind wanders, refocus on your breath and where you feel your breath in your body
  • You can pause the video and repeat each posture as many times as you need
  • Invite softness to your face and neck by separating your teeth and unsticking your tongue from the roof of your mouth