Ah, I love a good list post, especially of things to add to my self-care routine. Prioritizing my mental and physical well-being was non-negotiable in 2020 as the tedium and anxiety of quarantine set in week after week after month. With a focus on simply getting through each day, I found myself more aware of how important “the little things” can be for clarity, sanity, feeling grounded and getting a good night’s sleep.

You don’t have to do something extravagant or expensive to take a break and love on yourself. Sometimes simply doing what needs to get done (ahem…folding and putting away laundry) is the self-care moment you need to turn your mood around.

This list is comprised of 65 of my favorite and most accessible ways to connect back to myself, find moments of joy, celebrate myself and embrace stillness.

1.     Turn off phone notifications

2.     Sit outside and observe the sights and sounds

3.     Take a long, hot shower

4.     Moisturize your skin with a body butter or cream

5.     Do a hair mask

6.     Do a face mask

7.     Take an afternoon nap

8.     Wake up naturally without an alarm

9.     Take a walk

10.  Listen to music

11.  Phone a friend

12.  Try a new recipe

13.  Try a new restaurant

14.  Declutter a space in your home

15.  (Re)discover your love language

16.  Write a letter to your younger self

17.  Listen to a podcast

18.  Read a (paper) book

19.  Burn a candle

20.  Wear something that makes you feel fabulous

21.  Style your hair just because

22.  Wear makeup just because

23.  Make a vision board

24.  Stretch

25.  Create a budget

26.  Transfer money to your savings account

27.  Re-read your favorite book

28.  Enjoy a cup of coffee

29.  Enjoy a cup of tea

30.  Watch a documentary on a topic that interests you

31.  Tend to your plants

32.  Watch the stars

33.  Order takeout

34.  Binge a season on Netflix

35.  Plan your next vacation

36.  Bake something sweet and enjoy it

37.  Draw a picture

38.  Do a puzzle

39.  Go for a drive

40.  Give yourself a mani-pedi

41.  Take a free course online

42.  Host a virtual game night

43.  Go to bed early

44.  Make a to-do list of things you’ve been putting off for a while

45.  Wake up early

46.  Buy yourself flowers

47.  Burn incense

48.  Add essential oils to your shower

49.  Clean up your inbox

50.  Make a smoothie

51.  Make a gratitude list

52.  Edit your social media

53.  Rewatch a favorite childhood movie

54.  Cook a fancy meal

55.  Make your bed

56.  Fold and put away clean laundry

57.  Dance

58.  Sing

59.  Listen to a guided meditation

60.  Do a wordsearch

61.  Cuddle

62.  Research a new hobby you’d like to try

63.  Mop your floors

64.  Update your resume

65.  Dry brush your skin from head to toe

This was a fun list to make and I hope you find it super helpful. I’ll leave it to you to define each one – how often you do it, what time of day, etc. Am I missing anything? Comment below, I’d love to update this list to include 100 little ways to practice self-care.