So, you’re interested in stepping up your current workplace wellness offerings, but you aren’t quite sure how and where yoga might fit? Consider adding yoga at work during the following 6 scenarios:

  1. New Hire Onboarding –
    • Help new hires feel calm during their onboarding experience
    • Include breaks during information-packed days to ensure that people have an opportunity to digest and retain information without feeling overwhelmed
    • Offer gentle chair yoga and guided mediation to release jitters and nervous energy
  2. Retreats/All-hands Meetings –
    • Open the retreat with a centering practice that introduces the theme
    • Close the retreat with a grounding practice and space for reflection
    • Include mindfulness sessions as optional breaks throughout
  3. During sensitive trainings –
    • Offer a mental health break during trainings on sensitive topics
    • Create space for employees to reconnect to themselves and acknowledge whatever feelings arise for them during the trainings
  4. Team celebrations –
    • Celebrate meeting quotas as a team or individual awards with a moment of mindfulness and gratitude
  5. Designated wellness days –
    • Host a yoga class on Wellness Wednesdays, Thrive Thursdays, Fun Fridays etc.
    • Include a yoga class as an option for staff to pick from on a wellness activity day
  6. Annual conferences –
    • Offer a chair yoga and guided meditation break from the sensory overload of conference activities
    • Include mindfulness sessions as optional breaks throughout

If you would like to book me for one of the events or gatherings on this list, contact me here. If you have another event coming up and are curious about how my yoga and meditation offerings might fit in, contact me here.