Upon waking, you have an opportunity to pause, lean into healthier rituals and create a routine that can help you ease into your day. Try these 3 morning swaps to increase mindfulness and nourish your body.

  1. Reaching for your phone >> A moment of mindfulness – Reaching for your phone the moment your eyes open invites a barrage of external stimuli: social media notifications, emails, news updates, texts, all of which can trigger comparison, anxiety and a false sense of urgency before you’ve had time to gather your own thoughts. Break this habit and you’ll have a fresh opportunity each morning to prioritize your emotional wellbeing. A moment of mindfulness each morning means engaging in activities like journaling, making a healthy breakfast, stretching or practicing yoga and pausing to welcome the day with a clear head (and lots of gratitude!). Pro Tip: charge your phone across the room to avoid temptation.
  2. Blaring alarm >> Natural wake up – A blaring alarm jolts you from sleep and creates a sense of urgency to pop right up and get moving. No matter how many times you hear it, that loud jolt can leave you feeling groggy and disoriented, especially if you already had a fitful night of sleep. Hitting snooze is like having a mariachi band beside your bed ready to play a full concert every 6 minutes. Waking up naturally is only possible when you establish a consistent sleep schedule (yes, even on weekends) but since that can take time for your body to adjust, you can try an alarm that gradually increases in sound or one that’s a softer soothing sound.
  3. Coffee for breakfast >> Protein-rich meal – Eating a healthy breakfast helps stabilize your blood sugar levels, improves your concentration and gives your brain a power boost. When you break your fast with a protein-rich meal, you’re less likely to skip meals or snack during the day. Break your fast with a protein-rich meal to help give your metabolism a boost. The ritual of making breakfast helps you start the day with your health and wellbeing first. If you’re not ready or able to eat a full meal, try a protein smoothie instead.

These 3 swaps are all about creating a morning routine and having rituals you enjoy to help you ease into your day. Your morning routine helps mark the start of a new day so it can feel less like one big time warp. Stretching in bed, waking up naturally and making breakfast just a few examples…what else can we add to this list?