Gooooooo Monarchs!! I’m a proud alumna of Old Dominion University, c/o ’09 (that seems like ages ago…) and I was recently interviewed for a feature in their Alumni Association E-newsletter.

You can listen to the interview here.

Full name, years attended ODU, major.
My name is Trinity Perkins and I attended ODU from 2005-2009. I majored in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. My minor was Human Services, also known as Counseling.

Hometown, current residence, family stats.
I live in my hometown of Woodbridge, VA.

What brought you to ODU?  Do you remember your first day of school here?
ODU checked every box for what I wanted in a college – close to home, you could bring your car as a freshman, close to the beaches and plenty of diversity. I actually only applied to two schools and I got into ODU early!

I stayed in the Rogers ‘Freshman Experience’ dorms, which was awesome, and I highly recommend that for all freshman, but I distinctly remember a sense of panic on my first night. I remember thinking, “Wow…I’m in college on my own away from home and I’m going to wake up here in this room with this roommate I just met…and go to class and that’s my life for the next 4 years!” The next 4 years more than exceeded my expectations!

Greatest collegiate achievement? Favorite college memory?
My two favorite college memories were living in Rogers and finally declaring a major. That dorm life set me up for success from day one and declaring a major was the start of me taking full ownership of my degree. Once I nailed those down, the rest was much easier – I could relax into the fun on campus, make lifelong friends and explore the Hampton Roads area, too!

What are some of your favorite ways to engage with the University? 
There are so many associations that focus on every ethnic, racial and interest group you can imagine. Getting into one of those is a great place to start. The amazing football team came the year after I graduated so, in my day, it was all about basketball games!! I was a proud member of the Black Student Alliance and a Brother in the co-ed business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. I attend festivals on the main lawns outside the Student Center where you would meet someone new every single time.

What advice would you give new university alumni?
[The year] 2009 seems so long ago. It’s crazy to think that I was one of the early users of Facebook back when you had to have a email address! There was no IG, Tik Tok or Snap Chat and I didn’t start Tweeting until roughly give years ago…we spent a lot of time engaging in real life.

My biggest advice to new university alumni is to look up, not down at your phones – explore all of the ways you can stay involved with campus life in real life. As pandemic restrictions lift, seek out ways to be helpful and share your skills. Reach out to the Alumni Association if you’d like to participate in or lead the Monarch events.

The ODU Alumni Association has been fortunate enough to have Trinity lead our monthly Yoga for Monarchs sessions. For those Monarchs who have not been able to attend, is there a pose or two that you could recommend that is good for overall wellness?
There’s a famous quote by Yogi Krishnamacharya that reads, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” I always encourage everyone to focus on their breath first. One of my favorite poses, especially in quarantine with more sitting, is a deep standing forward fold. I also love the balance pose Tree, with all of its variations.

Anything more you’d like to add or want us to know?
Go Monarchs!! I look forward to practicing virtually with you all!


The Yoga for Monarchs classes are free and open to the public, but you must register to reserve your spot. You can register here for the next 2 practices – Wednesdays, November 18th and December 9th, 2020.