Laura Testimonial

A picture(s) is worth a thousand words. Sometimes progress is seen in other ways than the scale. I restarted my journey at the end of February by working on eating first. Joined up with Trin again to add in exercise in June but life had more curve balls for me and didn’t go as planned. On August 25th I woke up and started the exercise routine that has taken me here. At least 30 minutes a day, alternating days of body specific focus (upper, lower, and total body) and cardio. Scale fluctuates but I’m okay with that. I see what’s changing and how I’m feeling, the scale will catch up. Thank you, Trin, for your support and encouragement!! Might not be where I am without it!!

Laura, completed the Find Your Fit coaching program
Brandee Testimonial

Trin is great!! She can adapt any workout for anybody at any stage of their fitness journey! She is always available for guidance and motivation, she has a wealth of knowledge about fitness, nutrition and what steps to take in order to help you reach your goals. She uses a holistic approach that addresses health, fitness, nutrition and inner beauty!! She works with any fitness level and in her classes, it’s a small group setting w/ the individual attention of a personal trainer!! She is awesome and I can’t say enough great stuff about her!

Brandee C.
Angela Testimonial

Trinity is the coach/trainer that you want for lifelong success! Her sustainable approach to health and fitness is refreshing in a market that focuses so much on overnight results and fad diets…most often leaving you frustrated and still short of your goals. Working with Trinity has been one of the best decisions I’ve made on my fitness journey by teaching me principles for long term success!!!

Angela S.

I attended Trin’s Healthy Lifestyle Audit workshop on April 14th. I was excited to reconnect with some of the women who had attended workouts with Trin in the past as well as meet some new faces, and two days later, I’m still reeling from the presentation and the connection the women displayed. The great tips and ideas Trin presented have altered my perception of myself and given me new ways to bring my very best self forward. I especially like how she talked about holistic nutrition, using non-toxic products on our skin, and mindfulness. Since I left there on Saturday morning, I’ve been working on being more present in my own life and things I can do to make my coming days better than my past days! I’m inspired, excited and ready for….well….anything! Thank you, Trin!


Trinity is phenomenal!! I always look forward to training with her!! She’s fun, energetic, and always pushes you to go further than you thought you could!! During my personal workouts, I still hear her voice in my head pushing me and telling me not to quit! 🙂


Trin has helped me to retrain not only my body, but my mindset regarding total body fitness. I’m honestly in the best shape of my life and it’s because of her programming and encouragement! One of the best decisions I made was to spend the money to get a dedicated trainer who pushed me to my limits. Do yourself a favor, no matter your fitness level, invest in your mind, body, and soul. It’s money and time well spent!

Nancy S.