Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with plenty of rest, reflection and quality time with (and in memory of) your loved ones. I’m thinking of how this time last year, I was sitting across the dining room table from my grandpa and tonight, I’ll be cleaning and organizing the loving home we shared to bring in the New Year with his presence all around me!

In years past, I’ve been surprised at how fast time flew. But 2018 felt fast…I felt the rush, a strong sense of urgency to get things done and I felt so deeply all the changes that took place with my work and family life. The biggest lesson I learned in 2018 was that nothing is ever good or bad, it’s all just information. And what you do with that information is what matters. I learned that I am entirely up to me. That simple truth made me feel grateful for who I am and what I have, and free to design my life on my own terms.

I decided not to make a vision board or write out my resolutions for this year. I used to do both religiously but over time, I realized that my approach to both activities was a little restrictive. I would write a long list or paste a ton of pictures and then feel stuck or guilty if I wasn’t checking boxes or living according to the pictures. I’m super “Type-A,” so that was a disaster LOL!

2019 is all about asking myself more questions. I am giving myself as much time as I need to find/change/practice the answers throughout this year.

I came up with this list of 12 questions from my personal journaling practice, the self-care sessions I attended and various podcasts I listened to last year. I can’t decide whether I want to answer one each month, or write down my initial thoughts on each one now and then break them up…what do you think?

12 Questions for 2019…

1.     Aside from my gym workouts, how can I build more activity into my day? I want to be more intentional with activities of daily living.

2.     What positive changes did I make in 2018 to better my health and fitness? It’s important to celebrate small wins, too!

3.     What patterns have I gotten into with my actions and thoughts that no longer feel right? How am I defining that feeling? How can I change those actions and thoughts? What would happen if I stopped those actions cold-turkey?

4.     What does physical and mental strength mean to me? How do my workouts and self-care best practices support these definitions?

5.     What are some ways I can nurture my current friendships while expanding my community of like-hearted people?

6.     What message does my blog and newsletter content send to readers who have never met me? What about to those who have been in my circle for years? Am I walking my talk and sharing resources that fulfill my mission of making fitness simple and accessible for all women?

7.     Am I using preparation as a hinderance to action? When I know what I want and what I need to do, why do I feel the need to do more research? How can I take more action in all areas of my life?

8.     How much of how I present myself reflects other’s opinions of me and how much is my true self?

9.     How can I use my gifts and passions to serve others?

10.  What best practices and rituals am I taking with me into 2019?

11.  How can I reduce, reuse and recycle waste and live a minimalist lifestyle? I’ve been in a serious purge mood lately and I am loving it!

12.  What are my values surrounding money? How can I make more value-based purchases and cut back on impulse buys?

If any of these resonate with you, write them out and add them to your journal. If you’re new to writing/journaling and weren’t sure where to start, I hope these questions help kickstart your 2019, too!

Wishing you joy, good health, love and abundance in all areas of your life in 2019!