I recently stepped up my lower body conditioning with the help of a simple training tool called the Mark Bell Slingshot Hip Circle. I am not affiliated with this company or product, but when I find a product that enhances any aspect of my fitness, I’m happy to share it with you!

The Hip Circle sits 1-3 inches above your knees and helps activate the gluteal muscles and target those hard-to-reach muscles in the hips for a more effective lower body workout.

Reasons you’ll love it –

  • It allows you to increase the intensity of your leg workout without increasing your weight load. You can grow your glutes without increasing the size of your quads.
  • It transforms lower bodyweight exercises by providing constant resistance throughout the entire move. You push against it to keep all of your lower body muscles fully engaged.
  • It takes the pressure off your joints, especially if you want to increase your weight load. You can work on proper form, range of motion and tempo without compromising joint health or comfort.
  • It stays in place compared to other bands that slide down, roll up or dig into your skin. I love the material! You can walk in all directions as part of your warm-up, move between exercises without making band adjustments and even jump without it moving an inch.

The video below from my YouTube channel shows 5 exercises I’ve recently added to my leg day workouts utilizing the hip circle.

Share your favorite hip circle exercises in the comments below! Happy training 🙂