Hi, friends!

I’m closing out this Summer with a combined favorites list for July and August. I am not affiliated with any of the products or resources below. I’ll let you know in future posts if I am 🙂

Gratitude List {self-care}: A stream of consciousness list of what I’m grateful for in no particular order. Writing these lists keeps me grounded by immediately putting things into perspective and reminding me that I am right where I need to be.

Cycling {workouts}: Lately, I’ve been hooked on cycling inside the gym and outside. It’s true what they say about riding a bike – you never really lose that skill even though getting back to it can be scary!

I start most of my gym workouts with 15-minutes on the upright or recumbent bike and end with another 25-30 minutes of intervals on either.

  • Recumbent bikes – gentle on all of your joints as your low back is supported by the bucket seat, encourages better spinal position, knees and ankles are protected from potential injurious contact
  • Upright bike – option to lean over the handlebars and requires more core support to protect your low back, proper seat position is essential to a comfortable ride and joint protection, especially of the knees, ankles and hips. Avoid hunching over the handlebars by pressing into your forearms, lightly gripping the handles and actively spreading your shoulder blades so you don’t sink into your shoulder girdles. If you get tired of holding yourself up, don’t slouch, just sit back upright until you feel strong enough to lean forward again.

Copper Cow Coffee {calling all coffee lovers!}: This is one of those products that makes you laugh and think, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” If you love coffee and want to drink it anywhere without the hassle of waiting for it to brew, you’ll love how the folks at Copper Cow are changing the coffee experience. Copper Cow is the highest quality coffee from Vietnam with California sweetened condensed milk (packets). You simply add hot water for a strong brew and mix in the condensed milk. I received a few samples of the Rose and Lavender flavors from a self-care workshop I attended. I normally like frothier coffee like lattes and cappuccinos but the sweetened condensed milk that comes with it was delicious and thick enough for a rich consistency. I love not having to mess with my coffee pot or Keurig but still getting to enjoy the ritual of making it…the brew process is similar to making tea. I can’t wait to try their new Mint Latte flavor!

Madewell {clothing brand}: It’s so difficult to find shorts that comfortably fit over thick thighs, hug a tiny waist and don’t have an annoying low back bulge. I usually wear dresses, linen pants and skirts in the summer, but I really wanted to wear shorts for my trip to San Diego last week. My friend suggested Madewell and she was spot-on! Aside from their comfy and casual clothing, Madewell is a company with equal pay and equal rights for women and the first-ever pair of Fair Trade Certified ™ denim. I got my shorts in-store from Nordstrom Rack and these soft vintage tees in size M.

What are some of your favorite things?