Something new for 2019! On the last day of each month this year, I’ll be sharing a roundup of my favorite things from several lifestyle categories – food, fitness, beauty, finance, home decor, quotes, self-development and more. If I love it and it’s helped me in any way, I’ll share it with you so we can continue to thrive together! These short blog posts will include links to everything I share.

*I am not affiliated with any of the products or resources listed below. I’ll let you if I am 🙂

Podcast {self-development}: The Jordan Harbinger Show – The former host of the once popular podcast, The Art of Charm, was kicked out of his own business illegally and had to make moves fast. Thankfully, Jordan’s network and master networking skills helped him bounce back within days, creating the wildly popular podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show. Each week he sits down with some amazing guests to discuss human dynamics, communication and how we can be our truest selves in all aspects of our lives. I usually listen to podcasts while driving but Jordan’s is one that I save until I’m somewhere that I can take notes!

Beverages {food}: Cold Brew coffee, Milk Frother and Soda Stream – Sometimes my bank statement looks like a food diary with beverages as the biggest expense category. It’s not something I’m proud of and something I’m working so hard to change this year! My family nailed it with these super practical Christmas gifts! They know I love my almond milk lattes, cold brew coffee and soda water and that I spend so (too) much money every week on all of these drinks. I’ve used each of these products several times since Christmas and I’m really impressed with each one!

The cold brew coffee is very rich. I now know what the term “full bodied” means! I love plain soda water and the soda stream makes it extra bubbly compared to cans and store bought bottles. I use the milk frother to froth almond milk, almond milk creamer and soy milk for all kinds of lattes, iced and hot!

These are all available on Amazon 🙂

Quote: The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.

…but the fruits of your labor are on the way and every step you take to water the seed, no matter how small the step, is working in your favor. Be patient and know that whatever is for you won’t pass you by.

Soap {beauty}: It feels wrong to call this “soap” because it’s so much more than that! Dr. Bronner’s pure-castile soap is a cleansing experience I look forward to every single day. This product line is the top selling soap in the U.S. natural marketplace for good reason. The soaps are fair trade, certified organic, non-gmo, not tested on animals and just about any other accolade and natural, skin-safe certification you can think of.

I buy these 32oz bottles at WholeFoods, Wegmans and Walgreens. I love the lavender bar soap, too!

You’ll want to spend some time reading the messages on the bottle, too! Trust me 🙂

What are some of your favorite things? Comment below and let’s keep getting better together 🙂