I’m loving all the pictures of the kiddos on my timeline this week! The back-to-school pictures are too sweet!! Back to school = instant change = getting back on track with your fitness, too…right?

People keep telling me how they can’t wait to get back on track after summer vacation – if you’ve been saying the same thing, what does that mean to you?

  • Is it that your workouts and healthy eating took a backseat to your summer festivities?
  • Maybe you had more fun with your fitness this summer and you’re not sure that’s a good thing?
  • Maybe you’re ready to get back to a more predictable schedule but you’re not looking forward to how boring that can be?

I have to admit…I have mixed feelings about this idea of “getting back on track” with fitness. Specifically, when it implies that you got “off” taking care of yourself mind, body and spirit. My belief is that once fitness truly becomes a lifestyle, there is no “on” or “off,” it just…is. So with that in mind, you establish some healthy habits that are your mainstays no matter what life throws at you. Then, you get through the rest of life by being mindful (intentional) of how you move, eat, think and how you treat your body from the inside out.

That said, I think you’ll really like my advice in Tip #1 in this week’s YouTube video. I’ve found this tip to be super helpful in thinking less “on” and “off” about your fitness journey. You can get started on all 5 tips today!

Share your thoughts with me below!

I wish you all a happy and safe first week of school 🙂