2017 has been such a great year personally and professionally. I spent more time studying and practicing holistic health and wellness, exercise and self-care. I also started working exclusively with women, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a few years now – many of you ladies have been taking this journey right alongside me! I love it! But all this change and fresh perspective continues to make one thing clear – so many people are doing way too much to reach their health and fitness goals. Some of it hazardous to their health, most of it counterproductive to their goals and pretty much all of it leading to food guilt and workout obsession.

My hope for you in 2018 is less frantic yo-yo dieting and obsessively long workouts, and more of this –

  • Doing shorter, more intense workouts that challenge your entire body and optimize your hormones for improved health, lower risk of disease and lower body fat percentage (maintaining your healthiest weight)
  • Exercising for health and fitness, not just how you look – checking in with yourself to see, “How do I feel, how am I performing, how is my recovery and can I do this for life?” Focus on what really matters and you’ll have a new appreciation for how you look. Promise 🙂
  • Using self-care as a proactive practice instead of waiting until you’re burnt out to take a time-out
  • Also, more self-care beyond mani-pedis and massages – doing the “deep work” to heal from the inside out
  • Eating more plant-based meals – this doesn’t mean going full-on vegan or vegetarian but having more of your meals centered around plants
  • Doing more weight training because of these awesome benefits!
  • Eating healthy without dieting
  • Getting more sleep, taking (more) naps and having lazy days where you don’t need it if you can’t reach it from the couch

Are you nodding your head and thinking, I need all of this in my life!? Then let this be your 2018 Healthy Life Checklist with 1 resolution for the New Year – getting back to basics in every effort you make to live your healthiest and best life.

And while we’re on this topic of New Year Resolution’s, here are some common reasons you may have previously failed to succeed at your resolutions, and what to do differently in 2018.

They’re based on the “all or nothing” approach – Striving for perfection or nothing at all is one of the biggest ways to stand in your own way. Instead, get started with small healthy changes before you’re “ready,” because you can always course correct along the way. Every small step forward adds up!

They’re a complete 180 from your current lifestyle – You don’t have to redo your entire life to start seeing positive changes. Instead, focus on a handful of healthy habits and let the other areas of your life fall into place through mindfulness.

They focus on the negative – If you read through your goals and they all give you this sinking, heavy feeling, you might need to put a more positive spin on them. For instance, how about working out because you love your body and not because you hate it?

There’s no emotional connection – Goals that lack emotional weight won’t stick because you’re not connected to them. Instead, find your “why,” and set goals that are heart-centered.

They’re all in your head – It’s hard to change and assess what you’re not tracking, so put pen to paper. Writing leads to clarity and clarity helps you focus on what you really want to accomplish.

I love this quote! I am claiming this for myself and for each of you in 2018.