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Hello Fresh {meal planning}: This is my second time using Hello Fresh and I don’t remember why I stopped the first time! Hello Fresh makes cooking at home fun with creative healthy recipes that all take under an hour to make, including prep and cook time. I typically follow the recipes as is, sometimes making small swaps for meats I already have at home – chicken instead of pork tenderloin, for example. When I don’t use their protein or other ingredients, I save them for other meals later in the week. Using this meal delivery service has taught me so much about cooking, it saves me money on buying groceries I don’t need, and it has me cooking at home more…instead of buying Panera, Zoe’s or Cava after a long day. Find a coupon code and give them a try!

Own Your Glow by Latham Thomas {book}: This book makes me feel like I’m sitting across from my best friend, talking life, love, beauty and what it means to fully embrace being a woman…and all the complexities therein. The perfect mix of self-care best practices, science, sexual education, recipes and rituals, Own Your Glow is a must-have for all women. I started reading it like a novel but quickly realized it serves me best as a reference book – one that I check in with monthly to learn and try new things. I got it as a Christmas gift last year and I’m still working my way through the wealth of information Latham Thomas pours out on each page. Get yourself a copy and gift one to a friend!

Words to live by {Mindfulness}: The 12 Laws of Transformation for Living Fully by Baron Baptiste

  1. Seek the truth
  2. Be willing to come apart
  3. Step out of your comfort zone
  4. Commit to learning
  5. Shift your vision
  6. Drop what you know
  7. Relax with what is
  8. Remove the rocks
  9. Don’t rush the process
  10. Be true to yourself
  11. Be still and know
  12. Understand that the whole is the goal

Vitamin E Oil {beauty}: My mom is absolutely stunning at age 59, so I take all of her beauty advice in the hopes I’ll be half as gorgeous in 27 years! Her skin is subtle but tight, bright and even and her skin care routine is best described in one word – minimalist. She didn’t steer me wrong with her suggestion to drink Apple Cider Vinegar to heal my gut and clear my cystic acne and now, I’m taking her advice of applying a few drops of Vitamin E to my old acne scars at night to help even my skin tone. I started seeing a difference in the look and texture of my skin overnight! I use a few drops of Sundown Naturals Vitamin E oil under my oil-free moisturizer on my chin and forehead every night. I use it on my lips and around my mouth after I brush and floss. This oil is very sticky, fragrance free and smooth. You can order this brand online at Vitacost.

What are some of your favorite things? Comment below and let’s keep getting better together 🙂