This workout was fun to design and film and I woke up that next morning feeling super sore! People often ask me if I “still get sore” since I’ve been training for so long. The answer is, “YES!!” especially because I switch up my workouts often with moves like these – they’re a little surprise to my body that keeps things interesting, fun, challenging and keeps my progress steady without feeling burnt out.

Sometimes you just need to ditch the gym and roll out your mat…and this is coming from a gal who loves lifting and being in the gym atmosphere. But, it’s true!

You can do this workout anywhere with just a mat – have fun with it and let me know what you think. Also, if you need a variation for anything shown, message me and I’ll make it work for you. There are so many ways to do these moves – I’m happy to help you.

You can complete this workout as it’s own program or add these moves in with other exercises you’re doing – either as “active rest” or to switch up the pace and style of your usual workout. Again, reach out if you need suggestions on how to make this all work.


The Moves + The Breakdown –

1. Squat with Side Bends – You can have your feet as wide as is comfortable for you to hold the squat as long as your toes are facing the same direction as your knees. This is a ‘sumo squat,’ and it’s held during the entire move. interlace your hands behind your head, elbows out, and bend at the waist as you bring your elbow toward your waist.

2. London Bridge Planks (Hip Dip Planks) – I like to call them Hip Dip Planks. From low plank position, dip one hip and then the other toward the mat without raising your butt too high in the air. A little raise in the hips is fine but this shouldn’t become an intense shoulder workout. Your feet night slip a little as your hips dip, so do your best to take a teensy step forward every few dips to keep your feet in place.

3. Slow Mt. Climbers with Alternating Shoulder Taps – Emphasis on ‘slow.’ This cardio move builds a lot of momentum (rocking back and forth) but when you take it slower, you fire up your core and upper body even more. I added in some alternating shoulder taps here for more of a challenge.

4. Tuck Crunches – Exhale fully as you hug your knees into your chest and inhale fully as you extend your arms and legs. Maybe it feels good to lift your head as you tuck in and/or bring your forehead close to your knees, too? Do what feels good on your low back without arching your low back away from the mat. If you start to slide down the mat, don’t lower your legs down as far when you extend them. You can work on lowering them a little more as you build core strength.

5. Russian Twists with Arm Raises – Just my spin on a classic core move! Lean back as you twist at the waist and bring your hands outside one hip. Then, sit up and reach your arms up overhead before leaning back and twisting to the other side. Try to make this as smooth as possible without pausing on the twists or lifts.

6. Up-Downs with Jump – Because ‘up-downs’ sounds a lot better than ‘Burpees,’ right?! Well, I tried 🙂 Notice how I stay low throughout the entire move, never fully standing up even when I jump. The jump at the end is optional but highly recommended! 🙂
Watch the video here!

Have fun with your training this week! If you’re watching this thinking, “I need to start training like this to see results…!!” – my best advice is to start small! Start by walking for 30 minutes each day and gradually work in exercises like these.

Your body will thank you!