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Curves and Muscle

Curves and Muscle is a 4-week program of full-length strength training workouts.

Each workout also includes a plyometric circuit or interval cardio session lasting 25 minutes or less. The Curves and Muscle program combines these effective training methods to get the most results in the least amount of time:

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – some cardio sessions are separate and some are mixed into the program as plyometric circuits
  • Plyometric circuits for total body conditioning that targets more muscles in one move and keeps your heart rate elevated
  • Heavier weight-lifting using free weights and machines
  • Total-body metabolic conditioning so you’ll never see the same workout combination twice – *There are 5 workouts each week

Includes 4-weeks of full-length workouts and guidelines on how to make the most of every workout!

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This program is inspired by all the women who tell me they want to lift weights but keep their curves, too.

It’s totally possible, ladies! This style of lifting – the combination of weight lifting and interval training – is how you train the muscle and enhance your curves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What if I can’t workout 5 times every week?

A – This is common concern and although consistency is key, you might decide to self-pace this program over a longer period of time. However, my hope is that the shorter workouts make it easier for you to workout 5 times a week (and look forward to it every time!). Completing the 5 days per week for this program is ideal but what matters most is that you’re consistent, however that looks for you, and that you adjust your expectations of program results accordingly.

Q – What if I’m already following another program?

A – I suggest following this program on its own and not adding additional days of training. Rest and recovery are essential to you getting the most of this program without overtraining. If you would like to do something additional – sometimes the shorter workouts take a little getting used to – I recommend leisurely swimming, gentle yoga or walking.

Q – Where can I see pictures or videos of the exercises?

A – Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to see demonstrations of several of the exercises included in this program. I update my channel with exercise videos monthly.

Q – What equipment do I need?

A – This program is designed for standard commercial gyms or well-equipped office gyms. You’ll need access to a variety of free weights, a barbell (optional), and several machines for upper and lower body exercises.

Q – I’m not a newbie but am I fit enough to do this program?

A – This program is challenging and written with intermediate to advanced exercisers in mind for 2 key reasons. First, proper form with these exercises is key to prevent injury and get the most of each rep. Second, the program is designed to be completed with minimal rest between sets, which is easier to follow if you have experience with faster-paced lifting while maintaining proper form. This program is best for those already exercising but wanting an extra push and for those who already train at high intensity but may have hit a plateau and need a more defined training approach to jump start their progress. Soreness is common with this level of programming and intermediate to advanced exercisers may have more experience navigating soreness and recovery while keeping up with the workouts.

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This program is not for beginners. Nutrition guidelines and one-on-one coaching support are not included. Images are not included for the exercises – please subscribe to my YouTube channel for video demonstrations. Descriptions, modifications and/or progressions are listed for each workout.