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What is Corporate Yoga?

Corporate yoga is a branch of corporate wellness that teaches traditional yoga postures, gentle stretches, guided mediation, breathwork and other mindfulness techniques to the employees of a company, in person or online. Virtual sessions are [...]

6 Ways to Practice Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness sounds good in theory, but it can be difficult to imagine mindfulness as part of a busy workday. Back-to-back meetings, notifications dinging across multiple platforms, approaching deadlines and working lunches…how could you possibly include [...]

30-Day Yoga Challenge – 10 With Trin! Thank you for your interest in the '10 With Trin Yoga Challenge!" If there is one thing I wish for you in 2022, it's more movement and mindfulness in your daily routine. I'm a firm believer [...]

My Top 7 WFH (work from home) Tips

Here we are 20+ months into this WFH are you holding up? For me, the days range from a busy blend of meetings to numbing silence as I plow through my inbox. Overall, I've [...]

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