I posted a 4-part leg workout that I couldn’t wait to share with you! It was challenging, time-saving, didn’t require a lot of equipment and hit all the right muscles. What more could you ask?

This video was inspired by one of the main complaints I get from women when they start weight lifting – they often feel they’re getting “too big.” Gaining muscle is super tricky because muscle is lean (not bulky) but if you stack new muscle on top of existing body fat, the resulting look isn’t as defined or sleek as you were hoping it would be, right? So, what’s the exercise solution to gaining muscle and trimming body fat at the same time?

The answer is doing circuits that combine the most effective training methods, especially for women! You’ll see many of those methods in action in this video. For example, I mixed plyometrics, weight training, conditioning and a weight machine in one short circuit. I targeted my quads, hamstring, glutes and calves several ways in each exercise of this 4-part circuit.

I named it my Leaner Legs Workout for good reason 🙂

Here’s the breakdown –

The moves  

1. Walking lunges
2. Stiff legged deadlift w/ squat
3. Leg press machine
4. Mt. Climbers

The How To

Start with a 5-minute treadmill and/or foam rolling warmup.

Do the entire circuit 3-4 times with minimal rest in between.

After you complete that first round, you have a few options on getting into round 2 –

You can do another set of walking lunges back to the beginning and then lunge back toward the leg press machine (yes, that’s double the lunges!)

You can jog back to the beginning and start the circuit again

Or, you can use that short walk back to the beginning to catch your breath – no matter what, keep moving!

Be sure to end with a 5-minute cool down.

I didn’t count the lunges but made sure I had enough room to lunge equally on both legs and end up at the leg press machine. Aim for 12-15 reps for the stiff legged deadlift with squat combo and the leg press.

You can either count the reps for the Mt. Climbers or set a timer for 30-secs or more.

Here’s the full video from my new YouTube channel – the workout starts at minute 2:29

Have fun with it! Let me know if you try it! Are there any other workouts or exercises you’d like to see?

I am posting a new video on my channel every week.