I’m posting a new YouTube video every month – be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss an update. This month’s video is an 11-minute Do-Anywhere Total Body Circuit. It’s a great example of how I train without spending so much time in the gym – I filmed in a small corner of my living room with just a mat  🙂

Ways to make this workout work for you – 

  • If you want a longer cool-down, try my 11-minute stretch video at the end of this circuit.
  • You can do this circuit once as a complete workout or repeat it several times, even breaking it up throughout your day.
  • You can combine these exercises or this entire circuit with any of the others posted on my channel. Let me know if you need suggestions 🙂
  • You can mix in the warm-up exercises as “active rest” breaks between any of the exercises. For example, another round of Cat Cow between the Mt. Climbers and ½ Superwomans. Or, Hip Circles and Quad Stretches after the Walk-outs to High Plank.

Have fun with it and let me know what you think – all exercises are time-stamped for your convenience.

Dynamic warm up –
*Cat Cow
*Jog in place, side bends
*Hip circles and quad stretch
*Squat to walk outs to high plank

Slow mt. climbers (great move for a strong core!)

1/2 Superwomans (feet stay down)

Jog in place, side bends

Stationary lunges

Child’s pose to push-ups

Modified side plank with arm variations – both sides

Squat walks outside the mat

Dynamic cool down –
*Hip circles and quad stretch
*Cat Cow